Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Aya Kakeda

amazing world of aya kakeda's works.
in a variety of media, her works span from drawings, paintings, silk screen,
to commercial illustration, sculpture, and comics.

and she embroiders!
( click images to view larger. )

i liked her works before i befriended her,
but now that i know her, it's even better.

all images from ayakakeda.com.
visit her website to be transported to funland!


  1. fun art is always rad <3

    *looking forward to the new hi-fructose

  2. Hello Stella,

    I do not remember how I get here in to your blog, but was a very good surprise! Love your art selection, some artist I really knowed then but some others not. Thanks for all this lovely distractions. I also liked your work, very sensitive world between Egon Schiele and fantasy comic’s book. Congrats!

    Cheers from Barcelona