Saturday, April 18, 2009

a new beginning

good morning!

now that it's been a bit over 2 weeks since the move,
i am starting to feel at home at our place and the neighborhood.
despite having moved all my life (possibly over 20 times),
it's still a tiring process, if not more so with age.

i'm loving & getting used to my new studio, though,
slowly breaking it in by working on (and worrying about) some new ideas...
i feel that the new environment has already shifted my perspective
even in the way i see my work.

and i have my very own studio windows now!!
not only do i get great northern exposure,
but i also see a beautiful sunset over the manhattan skyline.

kitties adjusted to the new place rather quickly,
they are loving running up and down our long railroad apartment.

(currently working to finish a piece for the ad for my july solo show
at thinkspace - i'm so behind because of the move!)


  1. Welcome to Manhattan from another fellow mover (about 15, though have been here 19yrs) Congrats on the thinkspace show, too.

  2. i moved within brooklyn, just switched neighborhoods.
    manhattan was fun to live in for a while some time ago but i love brooklyn too much now.
    but thank you!!

  3. I'm sure whatever perspective you are seeing can only make your work more amazing. Tis the quest of the artist!

  4. Good morning too (^-^) and I wish you the best in this new home sweet home. The view from your windows is really beautiful, I think you gonna spend long time looking outside.