Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sketchbook pages

some sketchbook pages from last month that i only got around to putting together today...
drawn with my favorite brush pen that i got as a birthday present last year.
(click to enlarge)

+ more updates on my twitter...

(i've been trying to make more frequent photo updates on twitter.
hopefully it will help document my processes (albeit random) at least for my own purposes.)


  1. I love the very last image. It feels, at once, mysterious and simple, sophisticated and something different from your usual portraits. Tasty stuff!

  2. O_O i agrree the last image is very striking but im loving the handling of all of them, brush work alway has a happy place in me heart!!

  3. Insanely love your work!!

    i love the way you make the facial expression of the girl in the draws, you're an amazing artist

    I think you should try your style onto somo other kind of works.. Like animals, views, other girls, boys.. Some day will be enough of the mysterious black-haired girl (:
    hugs! (L) following you