Friday, December 18, 2009

Multi-plane Piece : Secrets

Secrets. 12"x12". Mixed Media on Layered Glass Panes & Masonite. © 2009.
Secrets. 12"x12". Mixed Media on Layered Glass Panes & Masonite. © 2009.

i finally got some photographs of the Multi-plane piece from the gallery.
above is the image shot by the gallery, which is why it's nicely shot without any glare on the glass layers!

this was probably one of the most difficult painting challenges i've had,
and a painting i didn't use oil paint at all for in a WHILE.
i started using oil paint but then it took what seemed an eternity to dry.
well, it never quite did, because i wiped off while it was still wet.

below's an alternate view of the piece revealing a bit of the face hidden under :

(click to view larger)
photo courtesy of @xtratweet

and some photos of layers shot in progress :

: the under layers of shapes painted with porcelain paint then baked to seal.
(one of the layers completely peeled off once, so i had to redo the face layer!)

: closeup of the other face on the back board underneath the 'main' face on glass layer.

: almost finished piece in progress.

+ you can see the rest of the show here or at the gallery till 01/09/2010!


  1. Brilliant, I imagine that looks incredible in person!

  2. i'm very drawn to this piece.
    it is exquisite.

  3. It's beautiful, i like her face.

  4. That's spectacular, Stella!!

  5. Très jolie... congratulations...