Monday, July 12, 2010

Mathilda : Crazy 4 Cult Group Show

Mathilda. 6"x12". Mixed Media on Wood. © 2010.
Mathilda. 6"x12". Mixed Media on Wood. © 2010. Stella Im Hultberg.

Crazy 4 Cult show opened in LA at Gallery 1988 this past Friday,
and above is my contribution for the film-themed show - as i've mentioned before,
it's Mathilda (Natalie Portman) from The Professional (1994).
(here's my last contribution to the show -Marla from Fight Club in 2007).

the show runs till July 30th, 2010, so please check it out if you're near.
otherwise you can view (& purchase if you'd like) all the pieces HERE online.
(mine here).

here's a framed view :

and some earlier stages :

i've always been inspired by the character (i made a painting based on her back in 2006).
the face changed the most as i harshened and softened the expression
back and forth... i debated whether or not to make it more of an accurate
portraiture and decided against it and to go with the feel for her instead.

it was hard to capture a young girl with a bruised innocence that still
held on to her vulnerability as a child.
i got a little tighter at the end than i'd liked but that is okay.
i learn with each painting.


  1. Gone, gone, gone! Congrats, Stella, wonderful piece!!

  2. whooo hoooo~!! yattane!! (>_<)!

  3. I think this might be one of my favorite pieces of yours if not my favorite :)

  4. really beautiful. i'm glad you went with the feel of her instead of a straight portraiture too.. now i want to watch the movie again!

  5. Kick-ass, girl. Truly amazing, isn't it, how we can be so caught-up in the passing pleasures of our Finite Existence while we MissRepresent our eternity? I don't wanna see you ANYWHERE but where I am in the Great Beyond. See my abundant, unlimited blog: wacky, tacky, backed by God - not to mention a lil' efficacious avant-garde'ness thrown in. You'd love it if you're as nuts as I am about Heaven. So, why don’tcha meet me Upstairs where we can play ThumbWars while we wait for our beer??? God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL