Friday, August 06, 2010

Love Conquers All : Art for Equality

Magic Mountain. 9"x12". Mixed Media on Wood. © 2010.
Magic Mountain. 9"x12". Mixed Media on Wood. © 2010.

Love Conquers All : Art for Equality
Thinkspace Gallery
Opens Saturday, August 7th, 2010 7-10 pm
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-3375

preview the pieces here!

20% of the proceeds from the show gets donated to Equality California,
an organization that work to make equal marriage rights for all people.
luckily for all their efforts, there was a really good news this week!


the show opens tomorrow, and above is my piece for it.
it's probably a little different than my other pieces, although these days,
i'm not even positive what that means.
it's been a great summer to be cooped up experimenting, in lieu of the summer fun.
seems like i've been much more focused on faces lately.


the colors of the stripeyness came from reading about "saek dong",
a traditional korea color combination of 5 or more colors, possibly meant to keep the evils at bay.
also seen in bojagi art which i find amazing...
(i will post more about this some time).


i titled the piece above Magic Mountain, but i just wanted to clarify it has nothing to do with the six flags in california. >_<
i was listening to blonde redhead's song of the same title,
and thought of titling the piece after it...

here are the lyrics :

At magic mountain
Nobody sings today
Nobody speaks today
Close my eyes
And hope to see
Weeks go by like a day
In a lowland

I live up on magic mountain
No one leaves magic mountain

At magic mountain
Nothing changes
Everything stays the same
Cross my heart
And hope to live
All the time
With a little fever

I stay here on magic mountain
No one leaves magic…

My heart hears you sing
My heart hears you speak
But I never make it in the flatlands
I must stay on magic mountain


  1. This is fantastic, I really like this direction you are taking with your art. I'm reminded of a lot of your older work (which I love!), I think my favorites from you have always been a bit more surreal and less realistic. Love the colors here too.

  2. oh I love the color and how you make it work on this, it's just beautiful. the textural background also is so appealing.

  3. I love the way all your faces look! This piece is fantastic!

  4. Love how this turned out Stella and congrats for a very lovely piece!:)

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    The colors are gorgeous!

  6. Stella.
    when i saw this
    it kind of took my breath away.
    i dont know what to say
    the overlapping faces
    and use of patterns and shapes
    and the colors
    everything together is so complex and beautiful.
    the things you are doing lately (sketchbooks and drawings and all)
    are reeeeally hitting the spot for me.
    the one you just posted on twitter for "Get the Lead out II".
    thats so intriguing..
    i love the hidden blue and red colored pencil faces.
    but yeah.
    i love this Stella.
    it makes me feel all excited for you. :)

  7. thank you so much everyone.
    it was definitely a lot of fun to make this piece - albeit a long detour and adventure!

    @audrey- thanks so much for your kind thoughts & comment as always...
    i guess this year has been a good one for me, art wise, letting me explore and think a little more and forcing me to branch out.
    i guess it's a year of change, for me and for you too! :)
    thank you thank you thank you~!!

  8. oh wow, those colours and how they blend with each other are so beautiful!