Monday, February 07, 2011


i just recently saw this image a few times (last time here),
credited to my name... i have no idea who created this.
but, unfortunately, that piece above is NOT mine.

that image up there is a copy of this piece of mine below :
Je Te Veux. 6"x8". Mixed Media on tea-stained paper. © 2008.
Je Te Veux. 6" x8". Mixed Media on tea-stained paper. © 2008.

i am not sure why, or what i want to accomplish through this,
but i felt the need to clarify.

- found the source of the top image (thanks to a reader on facebook!) which hails from here.
- although it doesn't make me super comfortable to have works copied to a tee,
mostly i'm just flattered, it's not meant for any commercial gain except for just study and appreciation! i only wanted the right credit to go to the correct artwork.
so, thank you, beatyourgreens!


  1. Wow, it doesn't even remotely look like yours... no kinda whimsy in the brushstrokes, no precision in the features.. bah, I'd never think it yours and doubt those who are true fans would either :}

  2. OH my gosh. Terrible!!

  3. just wanted to add that i only wanted to clarify that the work isn't mine.
    i'm not offended nor am upset about this!
    in fact, i'm very flattered - just didn't want it to float out there with my name on it, though, that's all.

    thank you!

  4. Still, it's gotta be frustrating... meep. I did a painting in your honour once, actually! Inspired by this one: But it's still so very obviously completely in my style ;}

  5. I love your work and am inspired...but I also have a fear that I am one day going to copy thinking it was just out of my head (since I look at your work often).
    I appreciate you being honest about it not being yours.
    Seems difficult to be an artist for
    1. being inspired/accidentally copying ideas
    2. for people doing the same to you.

  6. @kate thanks for sharing!

    @Gina Gwen in design school they told us to toss out the first 50 sketches or ideas, because the initial concepts often tend to be what you've seen before or something in your subconscious.
    art is a little different but if you continuously draw and sketch and nurture your creativity, i don't think you should fear anything... at least you know you've given it your best, honestly, to yourself, you know?
    that's what i think, at least.

  7. you can definately tell your work by the eyes, it is all in the eyes. Love your work and I am sure you are an inspiration to many as you are to me:)

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