Friday, January 27, 2012

random progresses

random pieces around the studio in various stages of progress... via instagram**.
i have got around 6-7 pieces going on. hmmmph -_-

watching lectures on yale open university (ancient greek history is awesome) :
Addicted to these lectures while painting (open yale courses on Greek history) 
And another midway. #scatterbrain

and some reworked & restarted pieces :
Retroactive progression.
Glazy glaze.
Restarting, reworking... in progress.
Roughin it.

some new :
Another started. #scatterbrain

and some drippy oil & turp paint-throwing on larger canvas (30"x40"?) :
Drippy mess. (on the large canvas)
also reworked, restarted.

such is my life!

**my instagram user is stellaimhultberg - you can also see the feed online if you're not a iPhone user.


  1. ich bewunder Deine Kunst schon seit Jahren.
    Echt schön. Geheimnisvoll und anmutig.

  2. you are so inspirational. please never stop painting, i look forward to your blog posts all the time.

    A Thunder Over Blogspot

  3. Hi Stella,

    I have just featured your beautiful artwork in a blog I write to help high school art students: amiria [blog]

    I have credited the images to you (of course) and included a link back to your site.

    Please let me know if you are not happy for me to you use your work as an example, and I will remove it immediately.

    Thank you! :)