Monday, May 07, 2012

New Prints - coming soon!

Signing new prints (will be in the shop in a few days!)
i have 4 new prints lined up to be added to the shop soon : 2 brand-new prints from 2011 pieces,
and 2 re-prints of old limited editions from 2007.
the reprints are 2 of most requested old prints that have long been sold out at first release,
and i'm re-releasing them in smaller version in open edition, at lower price.

they're all open edition so everyone who places an order will be guaranteed to get a print,
which is why i don't have any specific time or date for the release of these prints.

so please check the shop some time this week for the new prints!


  1. Hey, I am also selling some giclee prints (for the first time) and I was wondering: Do you get a varnish coating over your prints or something? Because I've got mine in a bad condition. If I scratch the surface with my fingernail, the ink will come off... Is this normal?

    I was dissapointed because the man also cut out my prints (and I didn't even ask for that!) And because the cutting machine touched the illustration area and it was also damaged there, and it wasn't precise. Because it was so unprofessional I want to ask you how you receive your prints, are they so delicate and do you get a sticker with colorproof guarentee etc?
    I would really like to know...!


    1. hi - it sounds like you need a new print shop. none of the printers/print shops i've worked with ever did anything like this. hope you can find someone more reliable soon...