Friday, March 14, 2008

dave choe in the UK

david choe's new works in the UK.
i admire all his black and white spray paint works,
the swiftness, the spontaneity, the amazing shapes and details...
and the guts.

the longer i paint, the more and more i find myself in complete
admiration of those who have the guts for the vision to just go forth
and do it fearlessly... respek.

more on dave choe's blog.


  1. respek indeed!
    tho i think you embrace that spontaneity in your own work already.
    the way you stain your paper and let the colors and black inks seeps its way through. theres that sense of randomness unexpectedness that i like about how you use the material. :)

  2. aww, you're too sweet, indeed. *^_^*
    unfortunately, i can't really get THAT spontaneous with my ink or tea-stain... they require so much tip-toeing around and carefulness that i release all that pent up energy when i paint on canvas! haha