Wednesday, May 14, 2008

meiji jingu

meiji jingu
in yoyogi, tokyo.
amazing to see a forest and a temple so serene nestled
in the heart of tokyo, right next to harajuku, no less.

many shrines all over tokyo really were beautiful and inspiring,
and this was the most epic one i've seen.

i could not stop looking at and taking pictures of all the
architectural details.


  1. Anonymous3:32 AM

    so interesting/strange how the edges of the roof/ceiling woodbeams are painted white that way. i wonder if its so for a reason or if its just for decor.


  2. i thought it was interesting too...
    i'm thinking it was a part of decoration.
    it was really interesting to see how structurally similar korean/japanese/chinese buildings were, yet how different "decorated" they were.