Monday, February 09, 2009

Interview with Jinyoung Yu... 유진영.

i just made the long overdue post about the amazing korean sculptor, Jin-young Yu.
(i love her blog title : 억지 웃음, 가짜 설렘, 가식적 표정.)

i also helped Arrested Motion interview (& translate) her works.
(read the interview here)

here are my favorite shots... all the mess before the refinement:

just about when i got complacent about painting...
interviewing her and getting to know her "world" really was epiphanic.
for example, she did all that full-scale sculptural works in that tiny room above.
it's not her 'studio'. it's her sacrificed bedroom in her parents' house. O_O
and here i thought i'd need more space to make measly flat paintings!!

to be honest, i feel like i unknowingly treated my works as a "job".
maybe my last vestige from my efficiency-driven product designer days.
art does have a business side that can make you a little calculative.
i'm glad i caught myself before i got that bug.

i think i can let loose and be a little more free now.
and explore all possibilities without worrying.


  1. Oh thank you so much Stella for all theses informations. Now it's clear when I saw her working that ful-scale sculpture... yeah and thise worksho/bedroom it's crazy but on a way it reminds me Francis Bacon or Giacometti studio with the same anarchic and stuff all over. Have you got an idea where we can get thoses bookmarks?

  2. This is amazing, thanks for sharing this! I feel now really ashamed bcause I feel trapped in my own room/studio, now I'm inspired watching that her room/studio is way more crazy than mine! hehehehe Now I only have to deal with 5 cats usually lurking around my things here o_O not very nice to work with 5 cats that can literally hang from the canvases like they're courtains!

    This is an amazing artist, I love the detailed yet simple look of the invisible people. Amazing!

  3. oh cool. i never knew you had a blogspot!!!! your new stuff looks great. can't wait to see them in person.

  4. Awesome post Stella
    very inspiring

  5. What can i say??? But WOW, you are absolutely amazing! I found you on Daily Candy and will try and make the show in Seattle! You are now my favorite artist, i have to say! Will keep following your art... xo