Tuesday, February 24, 2009


portland is one of my favorite cities, so we rented a car
and drove down for a road trip during our trip to seattle.
(above is some beautiful little alley & a red tree on ne alberta).

a mural inside upper playground by herbert baglione,
one of my favorite artists.

then another one (the guy at UP told me about) outside off e. burnside...
his shapes & details are so amazing!

awesome hand-carved sign at the hotel we stayed.

after having the above bacon maple bar donut,
along with stumptown coffee (how touristy of us),
we drove up randomly up burnside to the NW side.
we ended up going all the way up the hill (near washington park?)
and pulled over on this beautiful aqueduct :

it looked like something out of a fairy tale, all the houses
and broken spearhead like things.
i loved seeing so much green in the midst of the winter.

we drove up to seattle to catch our flight (& dinner) afterward,
and all the food we'd eaten are documented here.

sorry it took so long to post these photos...
today is the first day i feel a bit normal (cold & stomach virus),
but hopefully i'll get back to the swing of things soon now.
some continued ink plays and maybe landscape studies!


  1. I didn't know Portland was so "green" and a little wild with forest.

  2. Anonymous10:13 PM

    aww i went up to portland last month -- i also took the picture of that same mural you saw on burnside... it's gorgeous. ♥ a friend of mine works at green hut down that street.

    washington park was the best part -- i was overwhelmed with the scenery & several trails to explore. lovelove it.

    thanks for sharing, it makes me think of the good times in portland ♥

  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    i spent my lunchbreak walking across town in the blustery wind and freezing rain to Roq La Rue only to find whoever was working stepped out to get coffee. had a chance to check out your new pieces through the window though. going to try again on friday. bummed i missed the opening. zzz

  4. yes yes portland is gorgeous and SUPER green.
    not just the environment, but the culture is very green (pro-environment). <3

    Anonymous - i'm so sorry to hear that!! :(