Thursday, March 05, 2009

black figures

as i'd promised myself as a new year's resolution...
i've been drawing and painting not for a show or any goal in particular
besides just developing ideas and enjoying the process.

recently, after the storm of the cold & food poisoning has passed,
i've been painting a wooden figure for the kokeshi show (in july),
and for fear of ruining the one & only kokeshi blank i received,
i ended up making an army of studies with little wooden forms i'd had...

this lead me to other ideas of painting some mini paintings
on wood i'd cut up of black figures :

black shapes are so interesting & fascinating to me.
especially when it's a living figure (i love black cats).
unexpected, interesting shapes with mysterious implication & abstraction...

i plan on painting some more as i've cut up quite a few pieces of wood,
i'm enjoying the process of simplicity of the graphic imagery
and the immediacy of acrylic paint (which i'm really bad with).

hopefully this will land me somewhere interesting with my larger works as well. ^__^


  1. Oh Stella! I'm in-love with them all :) I can spot a wee section of the Kokeshi for the show, cannot wait to see your final creation! And there's no way you could possibly ruin anything you put your brush too, but I'll gladly send you an army of blanks!

    Really love the simple yet richly complex mini black paintings. <3 Such a talented woman!

  2. These are so neat! I've recently been working on little planks of wood too and I love it.

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Beautiful, Stella.

  4. This is great! I feel all inspired to do some exploratory work! Good for you! kisses, bec.

  5. i really reeeeally like this direction youre taking!
    i just love the simplicity and boldness of these figure!
    makes me feel all excited and giddy for you.
    have fun! :D

  6. black is beautiful.i love where this is going.

  7. ahh thanks everyone!!

    audrey - yes i'm definitely enjoying the simplicity... and the graphic quality of it.
    thank you!!

    christina - i reeeeeallly really hope i don't ruin the blank. yikes!

  8. Hi Stella,

    I’m really liking the black figures you’ve created. I think it would be interesting to see you do more like it. Saying that I do like the look of how you’ve been inspired to paint using more black shapes, I’m a real fan of the idea.

  9. That's really great Stella, I love your work in black in white, kokechi and paintings. that give something enigmatic to your character that I like.

  10. Wow, your art is breathtaking! You´re veery talented!

  11. I absolutely love your work! I'm always amazed at the way you paint the hair... so much movement and life. Beautiful!

  12. hey...your wood paintings reminds me of this work i did back in 2006. so odd, hehe