Friday, July 03, 2009


i have a "profile" page in the new issue of juxtapoz
for my upcoming solo show at thinkspace gallery (info here).

and an interview by andrew michael ford on their website :

same interview also on daily du jour & andrew's site.

one more interview to come via sourharvest/thinkspace gallery blog soon!

a group shot of my oil-on-canvas pices before they left me :

more info on the show (opening next friday) here!


  1. Good work, love your stuff!

  2. Hi, i'm, a Jamaican Printmaker and i've been following your work for quite a while now. I'm very impressed at your style and use of material... Your work brings me joy! Very uplifting and simplistic... Just to have you know, there are a lot of Jamaicans loving your style! Keep going at it!