Sunday, March 21, 2010

dirty faces

(click to view larger)

progress shot of an unfinished experiment based on a dream about painting a large face a while back.
black and white like the above but with more color layers of abstract patterns later on. i'll see how it goes...

although i've always been generally obsessed with faces and hands out of all body parts,
the obsession has gotten much more intensified and focused as of late.
something about the faces that try to hide and lie (or maybe not),
and the hands and the eyes that betray the face that's trying hard not to reveal
what's really beyond the surface.
hands, if not the eyes first, almost always seem to tell the truth.

i have some more ideas for sculpture than painting for this somehow,
so i'll be exploring that for a while.
my first real sculpted pieces will be updated soon!


  1. Loving it
    looking foreword to seeing more

  2. woah i like how the first image on the left looks like an owl, then it transforms into a pretty lady!
    looking forward to your finished sculptures <3

  3. I love seeing progress shots, it makes the image almost have a whole life of its own. ^^

    And I can't wait to see your sculpture pieces! Next to drawing, I think sculpture is my absolute favorite. I love shaping something to life with my fingers -- it is such a personal experience. :)

  4. amazing painting . i love your blog

    + following it

  5. your artwork is breathtaking...