Friday, November 19, 2010

Around the (newly re-arranged) studio

i often start feeling antsy and stale in the studio, so i rearrange and reconfigure
every once in a while. (some previous reconfigurations in the past studio before).

my current studio room hadn't been reconfigured in over a year since we moved in,
and it was time.

i moved the desk around 90ยบ, so now i can use 2-3 sides of the desk!
moving the books off the desk and onto the mantle really helped with space too.

feeling so clean and productive (especially after being sick for a week),
i got to work immediately after finishing cleaning up.

some overdue clay fun.

and something in the works coming soon... :

now working on re-configuring my shop,
which, thanks to paypal and their craziness, is under a sad condition.

new shop should launch around or after thanksgiving!
thank you for all the email orders and your patience with them. ♥


  1. hi stella!! thanku for sharing.. i'm feeling inspired now to do the same! feels soooo nice after everything is cleaned and reorganized! good way to start a new year too :)

  2. i love it stella! looks sooo great! hopefully this will inspire me to clean up my studio, too :-D

  3. I am jealous of your space! Your studio is so inspiring and beautiful.

  4. Love your blog!!!

    johanna, sweden