Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LAX/PDX Group Show at Together Gallery Tomorrow

New piece. Almost done.
LAX/PDX, a group show curated by Thinkspace Gallery, opens tomorrow at Together Gallery
in portland - a great little gallery in Alberta district, owned by a wonderful artist, Timothy Karpinski.
(i was fortunate to come across it on my last visit a couple years ago)

above is a detailed glam shot (looks better like that through a filter) of my piece for the show.

Together Gallery
2916 NE Alberta St. Suite A
Portland OR 97211
Opens March 31st 6-11pm
(runs till April 24th)
please email { tim at } for purchase/inquiry.

+ online preview of works is here.


below is the full piece i sent in for the show :
Tonight. 9.5" x 13". Mixed Media (Graphite, Acrylic, Ink, Colored-pencil, Pastel) on Tea-stained paper. © 2011.
Tonight. 9.5" x 13". Mixed Media (Graphite, Acrylic, Ink, Colored-pencil, Pastel) on Tea-stained paper. © 2011.


  1. Your new paintings are incredible, Stella. The change of style and technique was well worth it!

  2. Magnifique!
    Keep painting as is...

  3. How is it possible... 2 comments ?! such a Beautiful painting... hey Guys, hey Girls... wake up, open your eyes, open your mind, open your Heart... post, post, post!!! and look... look at her Hair, Ma-Gni-Fik!!! look at her lips, they look like a Heart! Look at her little nose and the Light on it... aaaaaahhh! THe Light... as in her such wonderful Eyes... How long did it take to You to draw this wonderful painting, Mrs Shult ?! You know what's most beautiful in this painting, anbd in Her ?... in Her Eyes, there is something, a Light, the Light of Her Heart, and something else... The Truth...She's got a True Look... Magnifique... keep on painting like this, please, for our pleasure, too...


  4. I Would Love to see an Exhibition of your paintings, Dear Stella... but it won't be for this one too, maybe next year, as I Hope, so much to come back to your such beautiful city... New-York... tears come to my eyes so much I would Love to see NYC one more time... so ENJOY New-York City, ENJOY your Life... and i'm really sorry, if...

    Be well, from my Heart.


  5. Moreover, You take wonderful pictures, keep on going like this, You will be a Wonderful ARtist as You still Are One, Dear Stella. Have a nice Show.


  6. nice... your works are always improving... always better than the last ones... great job!