Tuesday, March 08, 2011

London coming!

Flyer for new show at London Miles Gallery this Friday!

actually I'm coming to London with my new works!:)

Fragmented (a Dual Solo Show along with Scott Belcastro)
Opening March 11th, 2011.
7-11 pm.
London Miles Gallery
242 Acklam Road
Unit 303
London W10 5JJ

+ Please contact the gallery for preview.

It's been over a year since I've presented a body of work - nerves!
I'll be there on the opening night so hope I get to meet some Londoners!
It's been something crazy long since I last visited London,
so it'll be my first big adventure there as a grownup.

I'll post the photos of the pieces when I get back (as well as the photos from the trip),

Interview & preview peek on hifructose blog

there's also another interview in the Canadian magazine, Georgie,
as I've mentioned before, if you'd like to read more.

see you in London or when I get back! :)

Ready to be packed.
(above : framed pieces waiting to be packed - of course, they are now.)


  1. i am so sad because i'm going to miss out on the opening night.. i've been wanting to see you for ages! you are one amazing artist <£

  2. hi stella! it was so nice to meet you and your husband in person at the mile end gallery. your works look so gorgeous in person, i love the new softer look. i hope i can go to LA in the fall for the group show!

  3. so sad I live in Brazil and don't even have a chance to see this gallery =(

  4. good luck, wow london!
    I was just wondering why has it been a over a year since you've shown a collection? You always look like you have been so busy and your work is just beautiful...

    Krystal x

  5. dear stella,

    went to the opening to write an exhibition but was incredibly bummed that i had to leave early :( have been a long-time fan for years and a lurker on this blog so i was really hoping to meet you. and i forgot to ask tina whether she could put me in contact with you. anyway - i hope you come to london again! just going to put it out here - your work is absolutely amazing and i wish i could own one of your pieces! my younger sister also sends her regards and love for your work :)


  6. *exhibition review

  7. @krystal lee - i meant that i hadn't had a BODY of work in a while - in the past year, i only did group shows, so i only have one piece here, and a couple pieces there per show. any time i do a solo or 2-4 person shows, i am able to have sort of a story stitched together and expand on an idea.
    thank you!

    @flory : thank you so so much for coming . i am so sorry that i missed you at the show - the tube took longer than we thought (as it also had some issues and was stalled) and i got there much too late. :(
    thank you so so so much for coming still.

  8. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Wow that's amazing, I really like those pictures, specially the one on the fructose.