Wednesday, June 22, 2011


instagrammed peeks for some pieces for a couple upcoming group shows :

A whole lotta hair.
the above piece will go to the 5 Year Gala Group Show, Zero to Sixty, at Corey Helford Gallery,
opening July 1st.

Two faced
and the two paper pieces above will be in a group show at The Alternative Cafe Gallery in Monterey, CA, entitled Bad Luck Club - my friend Aya put this show together (yet again!)
with 13 girl artists from Brooklyn, hence the title.

ahhh only if i could just magically coat all my works with the earlybird filter (instagram).

full details and images to come!


  1. These are so gorgeous Stella!
    HOW GOOD is the earlybird filter. I'm so addicted!
    Are all the paper pieces you've been posting heading into shows? I'm waiting like a hawk for you to put some studies back up on etsy :)

  2. Awesome!
    Your such an inspiration

  3. love the spots in the hair. And the colorfull page in your sketchbook.

  4. So beautiful . Can't wait to see more! First one is my favourite.

  5. I've only been using Instagram for a couple of weeks, and I already have the same sentiment about the Earlybird filter!!

    These are gorgeous Stella. I can understand why you like drawing the hair so much... I've only done one piece so far that had lots of hair, but it was so much fun - almost theraputic - to work on. Especially since I worked on it upside-down for most of it, strangely enough!

    Best of luck for your shows :)

  6. Magnifique! congratulations!

  7. Stella , je suis fan de votre travail !
    Votre talent mérite de traverser l'océan et de venir éblouir les regards des français !
    Nous vous attendons !