Monday, June 13, 2011

Works in Progress...

{ WARNING : photo / instagram filter overload }

some sketchbook pages :
Flower head.
Garden sketching.

some hairy drawings on paper :
Drawing on used scrap packing paper.
More drawing on brown paper...
More brown drawing
Brown paper addiction

and some paintings in the works on canvas & wood :
Almost done (from a few photos ago)
Paint paint.
Color explosion
Pile o' works in progress in the studio

a lot of things going on this month, so i've been working a lot,
although many of the pieces in progress (some even documented) have been brewing
for months in different stages, stalled, painted over, restarted, mulled.

some faint, near transparent new shapes & ideas seem to be slowly forming in my head,
i just need to find that thin, cloudy thread and start pulling at it...


also some follow up to the Dear Japan show last weekend :

Dear Japan charity art show, June 4th, NYC (
turn out looked great and the show was successful!
they raised over $10k with art all less than $200.

some of my favorite pieces from what were still there when i got there :

Beautiful plastic bottle sculpture by Miwa Koizumi at Dear Japan show (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.con)
Miwa Koizumi (one of the show organizers)'s amazing PET plastic bottle sculpture.
i've seen her works at her place before, but this was amazing.

Amazing mini felt & peanut bunny by Kazuki Guzman at Dear Japan show (
and a new artist i found via this show - Kazuki Guzman, who made these tiny little sculpture
figures with needled felt and nut shells. there was another one i failed to photograph other
than this little peanut shell bunny, which was a walnut shell airplane dude.
so cute & amazing!


  1. Beautiful sketchbook pages! Makes me wanna draw in mine some more

  2. Oh my gosh... beautiful work! :)

  3. i love these stella. can't wait 'til they're finished.

  4. Your drawing is getting so real now. Beautiful ladies!

  5. These are so beautiful! Love seeing those work in progress photos!

  6. These are beautiful in all stages of progress :] I can't wait to see what's next!

  7. Love, love the second photo! She is so different to your usual style. Loving the new direction. Also you are my featured artist (on my blog) this week. Keep up the stunning, inspiring work!

  8. I love your work, it's so beautiful. But today I found your blog and my friends (and either do I!) think the first girl drawn in this post looks like me. XDDD It's funny. Just can't wait to see it finished!

  9. Ref photo nr 2 in your sketch book is amazing. I love it! Any chance it is for sale? I am an illustrator myself, but I seldom by art..but this one really got to me : )