Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sketchbook dump 2

some more sketchbook pages i've been filling since my last sketch post.

i've been addicted to filling my sketchbook lately.
just as well, since one of my goals this year was
to draw every day in my sketchbooks to experiment
& loosen up as much as possible.

ballpoint & brush pen.

i feel like i'm starting to loosen up a bit.
can't wait to go craazzzzy!

+ these (and the last ones) are from my leuchtturm sketchbook,
i'll post a few new pages from my moleskine (more paint laden) soon.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    amazing. <3

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    YOur sketchbooks are son incredible and inspiring. If they were mine I would want to turn everyone into a full blown painting. They are amazing!

  3. Really loving these insights into your sketchbooks - particularly liking the sketches I see of men : )

    Tis all looking wonderfully free and loose to me!

  4. Beautiful~ thank you for sharing!

  5. Really beautiful!!

  6. Yeah, so so gorgeous!

  7. Outstanding. Keep up the daily schedule. So inspiring. Thank you.

  8. Your faces are perfect. I love them. (well, every bit is great!)

  9. Your style and presentation of every piece is so impressive and inspirational. Your style is so fresh and lovely. I really appreciate the dedication to your sketchbook, it shows your passion and talent.
    So many artists obtain their style or "look' with unorthodox materials, but you have the ability to use an everyday BIC pen, and the result is a masterpiece.

  10. Love what your doing Stella in loosening up and letting go of expectations. Be brave & confident in the direction your art is taking. You are inspiring!

  11. Anonymous12:29 AM

    wow these are so so great!

  12. Fantastic, your work is very beautiful, very inspiring!

    (loved your sketchbook...) :]

  13. love the timid passion that rays out of your roughs... excellent (sketch)work!