Wednesday, February 27, 2008

carved in wood, protected...

wooden creatures by hib sabin.

makes me want to carve and sculpt once again...


  1. i love the owl ones.

    and that would be incredible to see your painted girls as a sculpture!! have you carved wood before? is it difficult?

  2. aud -

    i've carved a lot before in college for model making... but not much in wood - some, but not for artful sculptural purposes.

    wood feels so charming since once you carve, you can't go back. what you make is what you have, or you have to start over...!
    i really love carving a little more than additive sculpting like clay... because of such charm.
    and super meditative, all the sanding and finishing...
    though it can be a huge pain in the ass!

    you should really try it! you have the tools and the space... and most of all - the skills!
    i'd really love to see your lovelies in 3d forms. :D