Monday, February 11, 2008


sensual photos by Sawatari Hajime.

photo source unknown (sorry!)

woodcut by the legendary hokusai (famed for this image).

audrey kawasaki.

{ speaking of audrey - please check out her newest body of work from her solo show that just opened!
it's amazing as ever and you will not regret seeing them in person. }

as many alien like sea creatures there are, it seems like octopuses (octopi)
have always had provoked something sensual/sexual from the viewers...


  1. audrey7:21 PM

    hi Stella!
    i really like what youre doing with this blog.
    its like an addiction of ideas and images and research, and i love to see what youre drawn to.

    also ive been looking for those Sawatari octo photos.
    i remember seeing them years ago, but didnt know where to look.
    and wala! it is here!
    Thanks for posting these.

    and also thankyou for the kind words.
    i am so relieved the show is over.
    i can finally breath and spend some time wandering the internets. ;p

  2. Hello stella!

    That unknown picture is from Sabine Schönberger. More here:

    Kindly visit my new Squid'n'Mermaid collection! (NSFW)

    Suction-cup-kisses, O.

  3. This is awesome! I am making a sculpture of a woman covered with and octopus and this stuff is great for referance!