Friday, February 22, 2008

david choe

older works:

below are works from his solo show at jonathan levine gallery,
about a year ago, which i was fortunate to see :

a soy sauce drawing he did in prison in japan :

david choe's works, to me, are the epitome of effortless and fearless.
the unedited exploration of all things artistic possible in his reach,
and the rawness and vulgarity of it all, as a result,
which are almost tangible in his works...
that in itself is so cathartic and inspiring for me.
and that energy was really tangible in person.

i always think it must be so much fun to create the way he does.
to (seemingly) not care or overthink about what to create, but to just do it.
it really feels cathartic just thinking about it.

+ his blog here.
+ buy cursiv (my first encounter with him) here at GR.
+ his fecal face interview here from last year.


  1. i love all the words you use.
    effortless. fearless. exploration. rawness. vulgairy. tangible. catharitic.
    it thrills me to hear them.

    i may have mentioned this before,
    but back when i was in my pubescent years (in high school)
    he had his work displays in a icecream shop on melrose.
    big paintings with thick incrusted tangles hair.
    he wasnt well known at the time.
    but his paintings struck me so much, i had to ask the store clerk who this was,
    and after he showd me his book 'bruised fruits' from behind the counter, i was hooked!
    his rawness was perfectly appealing for me at the time, and still is...

    im happy to know you like him as well. :)

  2. i envy you for having found him so early on in your life! :)
    i didn't find him until i got out of college, he was pretty well known already i think?
    bruised fruit and cursiv were both published and selling well at the time... either way it's not an exaggeration that those books prompted me to draw again, not as a designer but as myself.

    yes, i'm a huge fan! :)

    i missed his opening at levine last year, because we were in portland! haha
    but still caught his show, i was so struck by the scale of his works... the variety, and the rawness.
    things i don't have!! >_<