Thursday, January 31, 2008


초대 (invitation), short graphic novel by 권신아 (shin-a kwon),
inspired by alice in wonderland (obviously).

the story in a nutshell is about having a really good friend.
(who can make even small discomforts - cramped house! - enjoyable).


continuing from previous couple posts...
some vintage images of ki-seng ladies, around the turn of the century:

hanbok style by kuho

w korea spread, with kuho jung's hanbok styles.

behind the scenes & details.
(click to see larger)

i had become so obsessed with these imagery this past spring,
that i couldn't avoid painting pieces inspired by them.

song hye-gyo / hwang jini

beautiful song hye-gyo (송혜교) in vogue korea (may '07),
as hwang jini (who she played in the film, hwang jini).
painted into these photographs by the amazing mr. paolo roversi.

when i saw the film and saw the vogue spreads,
i became obsessed with the costumes, their rather unusual texture and colors,
along with the specially designed ornaments by designer kuho jung.

mina perhonen

minä perhonen's amazing clothes and textiles.

photo by lena, from minä perhonen embroidery book.
more of her lovely posts on japanese design books here.

the amazing textile and clothing designer behind the brand, minä perhonen,
is not a lovely lady from finland, but a brilliant japanese man, akira minagawa.
simply beautiful.

+i've blogged about minä perhonen almost 2 years ago here.

+ one of my all-time favorite minä designs:
image via elly


3191 a year of mornings (will be coming out as a book!)

and now... 3191 a year of evenings...

beautiful mornings and evenings, 3191 miles apart.
by mav and stephanie.

i find it awe-inspiring and special to see such distance being overcome
by a shared interest, tenacity... and time apart together.
as someone who's constantly moved away and had friends move away,
i know it first hand that that is much easier said than done.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

paolo roversi

images via foto_decadent.

he sculpts and paints with light and his camera.

more paolo roversi here.