Sunday, August 03, 2008

hollis heichemer

abstract paintings by hollis heichemer.
(also a studiomate of the wonderful alex kanevsky,
whom i blogged about a while back).

sometimes, i get so drawn to thick layers of oil paint
accumulated over months of time...
letting your life and heart melt into each layer,
relevant to each point in your life that way.
evolving the painting itself as you yourself evolve...
not many paintings are done like that anymore.
including myself - i've had weeks to 2-3 months tops to put together a show,
and this time around preparing for my solo show (next week),
i really felt like i wish i had more months to paint some of the pieces.

one thing i love about oil painting is how much it can evolve over time.
(unless you have what you want mapped out).
you can see the evolution of the last painting here.

and many more here.