Monday, August 05, 2013

Studio Sale 2013

newly spiffed up design too! :D
as i mentioned in my last post, i will be offering these small pieces for sale in my shop this week!

i actually labored for many hours with coding this new design over the weekend,
(though it doesn't look like much), but i like it much better - cleaner and simpler looking!

several people have bought from the batch via email, and unfortunately, most of the drawings
people asked a lot about (like the one on the top left up there) are sold.

also gone are the early-bird special free shipping, i apologize.
thanks to those that emailed me for first dibs and gave my works nice homes!
mind you, since they're all nicely framed, international shipping is quite high.
(please contact me separately via the shop if you'd like to know more details).

these little ones  (and some not so little ones) will go on sale, starting at :

2pm EST, THURSDAY, AUGUST 8th, 2013

please check back early if you'd like early dibs!
otherwise, i'm pretty sure there will be something left for everyone.

+ also, i'm planning on another studio sale of smaller, less-finished pieces (unframed)
in a month or so.
mostly because i am not sure if i can do a holiday time sale this year due to the baby.
i'll let you know ahead of time when i do!

thank you for reading.