Friday, February 29, 2008

ingar krauss

Ingar Krauss.

rai escalé

paintings by Rai Escalé.

admiring the monochrome (in some), looseness, freedom, activity, brushworks...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

lyndie dourthe

click to enlarge images.
lyndie dourthe and her charming creations.

i actually had these images forever and have been wanting to put them up here...
but i had lost track of where i'd found them or who the artist was.
and finally, serentipitously, audrey would find it just as lovely
and solve the mystery for me. :)

kind of like a very pretty, precious, adorable taxidermy art.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

two popes

pope innocent x. by diego velásquez.

figure with meat. by francis bacon.

like in wonderland...

by arthur rackham.

drawn by marion janin.

by sir john tenniel
(included in the original alice in wonderland).

carved in wood, protected...

wooden creatures by hib sabin.

makes me want to carve and sculpt once again...

Monday, February 25, 2008

drawing restraint

a trailer for a film by matthew barney. via k17k.

captured :

and some courtesy of the artists:

unfortunately, if you missed it, there are no dvd releases for this feature. :(

+ i first stumbled upon matthew barney at the guggenheim 5 years ago,
after someone had randomly recommended me to go see the show "since i was an industrial designer" (i realized what he'd meant after seeing floors and floors filled with sculptural model-making like elements - still odd, though thankful).

you know something or someone is genius when it wasn't even your thing
to begin with and they still leave you awestruck and amazed.
he had completely covered the whole museum with an odd world
of his bizarre, odd, eery and sterile stories.
just the sheer amount of work, the ideas, a complete world he'd created
blew me away to be in the presence of it all.

go check it out more here : the cremaster cycle.