Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Studio Sale this Saturday!

my Annual { Holiday Studio Small Originals Sale } will be on Saturday, December 1st (instead of Black Friday) - bit too many works this year though hopefully I'll have enough to maybe hold another one the Friday after... Please check shop.stellaimhultberg

i'll be holding my annual Small Originals Studio Sale (like in '10 & twice in '11) this saturday!

Saturday, December 1st
2pm EST

although due to many personal tasks i had to tend to this year, i don't that many pieces as in the
past - but probably around 15-20 pieces, perhaps - so please mark your calendars!

i might be doing another small sale the weekend after, of post-it notes for those who can't make it to
Giant Robot's 8th annual post-it drawing show (where each piece is $25, cash-and- carry) in LA.


also some new products i forgot to mention here!

artist olivia mew of stay home club made these awesome line of art patches (in addition to her other
amazing line of artists' fabric goods), a couple of the designs using my artwork from my last show!

 Ikiryo 01 Patch, $6, available here!

Ikiryo 08 Patch, available here!

i've gotten a sample of them here and they're really awesome!
Canvas art patches for sewing/ironing on clothes, bags, pillows or simply being framed! Available via! (Made by @oliviamew)
printed on nice quality canvas, you could frame them (since i'll never release these ikiryo series as
a print), or cut them up into individual shapes and sew/iron them onto your clothes, bags, pillows, etc!
view all her other fun patches here!


please ignore the above image where it says "This Run Drops in...." : it's live now!!

12pm, November 28th - December 5th, 2012 ONLY

a very limited edition of 50, one-time run, during a period of 1 week only!!!
the sale of the run ends next Wednesday, December 5th - only 30 left now, so please hurry!

happy holidays!♥♥♥ 

Borrowed Memories : 2-person show, October 2012

October 2012 opening with Tran Nguyen & Stella Im Hultberg + Jeremy Hush + Michael Ramstead
{ title wall photo by sam graham }

finally getting around to posting about my show, Borrowed Memories, with Tran Nguyen, at Thinkspace Gallery that opened back in September!  

i had a lot of fun making the pieces that were bridging 2D & 3D worlds, and some with a lot of patterns that i'd been obsessed with...

some opening night photos :

lady artists : tran, me, audrey, amy (too bad mari was late!)

and the dudes : andrew hosner (of thinkspace gallery), jeremy hush, and esao andrews!
the showing artists : michael ramstead, tran ngyuen, me, & jeremy hush
finally met the super cute soey milk!

chueh chueh train! FINALLY got to meet luke & kim too! :)

the opening was so much fun - got to meet a lot of young artists and old friends, new friends. :)
and lots of people i've known for a while but hadn't met in person. thank you, everyone, who came out to the show and for making the night so wonderful!!!!

view all my works in the show below :