Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniersary Group Art Exhibit : Flyer

20th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition
Opening Reception : Saturday, April 21st, 8pm-11:30pm
Copro Gallery at Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue #T5
Santa Monica CA 90404 (map)

below is my piece for the amazing group show celebrating 20th Annivesary of "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me", which opens this Saturday at Copro Gallery, at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

last year, i was lucky enough to be in the 20th Anniversary group show of Twin Peaks (the TV series) - i'm so honored to be invited back by the awesome Rob Wilson, who curated both amazing shows.

Broken Flower. 14"x18". Oil on Wood. © 2012.
Broken Flower. 14"x18". Oil on Wood. © 2012.

+ you can see all the artworks and info for inquiry here on the gallery site,
which includes some amazing people who were directly involved with the film and the tv
show (like mr. Lynch himself!).


here are some progress photos (originally started half a year ago or so) :
Sooooo slooooow today.
Restarting, reworking... in progress.
In progress... (about 200 days & 75 layers in, I think)
Slooooooow progress, grey day.
Big blue rose.... Neck deep in progress.
Drip drip (part of my finished piece for the Twin Peaks show)

this was my first oil painting in about 2 years - i was so rusty with oils that it took a loooong time.
i started with acrylic & colored pencil, and decided that it was looking a bit dull and
wanted the richness and sheen of oil that i couldn't get out of other media - then regretted
for about 4 days until i got used to the process again.
then it was so hard to scan and photograph the piece due to the rich sheen of oils, and i'm not
even sure the colors look right in the image on top.

the movie really zeroes in on the tragic hidden secrets and rotting cores of a victimized girl (Laura Palmer,
of course), and the frailty of human mind (and its strength, at times) felt kind of like a fragile, falling flower.
last time i'd watched the film, i'd seen it right after the whole tv series.
this time, i watched it by itself - and i thought it really does stand alone, although it probably
helps to know the previous story to all this. it seemed much better and richer this time around,
and felt very David Lynch to me (whose film are not only one of my favorite directors but one of
my favorite influences/inspirations).

i wish i could be there to see all the artwork in person!
please go check it out if you're around LA/Santa Monica area. i wouldn't miss it if i were.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Around the new studio...

Finally settled into my new studio nook (find the kitty!)
it's been over a month since we moved to a new apartment in a new neighborhood in Brooklyn,
and i feel like i've finally settling into my new work environment with some comfort.
the new studio is a small nook in the living room - quite a change from the big room i used to have before,
but i feel like this fits me & my radius of activity better - kind of like my old studio in the apartment before the last.

some things that's been going on around the studio :

Rediscovered some old splattered paper from '08 & put faces on them.
speaking of the old old studio, i found these papers i've splattered ink & gesso on in '08 or so,
and put some faces on it - maybe i'll fully paint it later on at some point.

and some paintings :
Underpainting-ing. 
Slooooooow progress, grey day.
2 pieces, 3 faces... in progress...
Hand study (in progress)
(a study piece on hands.)

Sculpture box. Soon to add some real power tools! 
my sculpture crate above - now that i have a rooftop access, i can work messily up there!
which means that i can start slowly acquiring some power tools. yay!

and look what matthew made :
Bike stool (salvaged from a wrecked bike)
there was an unfortunate bike accident (a hit & run by a car) but luckily he came out unscathed,
but the bike didn't - so with the crushed bike, he made this little stool.
yay for making!