Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Aya Kakeda

amazing world of aya kakeda's works.
in a variety of media, her works span from drawings, paintings, silk screen,
to commercial illustration, sculpture, and comics.

and she embroiders!
( click images to view larger. )

i liked her works before i befriended her,
but now that i know her, it's even better.

all images from ayakakeda.com.
visit her website to be transported to funland!

Monday, October 06, 2008

David Choe's studio

please click to enlarge...
via wallkandy.net.


went to see the Outsiders show (by Lazarides gallery) on bowery.
they had some great pieces by some of my favorite artists.
my battery ran out so i only took a few,
so i snagged a few photos on the net.

the pics i snapped of david choe's works, which i'm a huge fan of.
some more favorites i didn't get here (from the net:

(this one above from choe's blog)

some antony micallef, whom i've also posted before:

and ian francis' work :

i was really impressed with dave choe's works once again,
as well as antony micallef's works as well.
it's always the spontaneity and the gutsy, seeminly-carefree strokes
of their works that really have me hypnotized.

+photos of some of the show pieces from the worlds best ever.
+more photos by wallkandy's flickr here.