Monday, July 06, 2009

last peek

finished small wooden figures
finished family of wooden figures lining up on my mantle.
ready to be packed to go with me to LA tomorrow!

drawings for Memento Mori
and some drawings above - to be dropped off to be framed as soon as i land in LA.

all the pieces will be posted after the show when i get back to NYC.
if you'd like a peek online please check with thinkspace gallery for preview!

thank you so much for such nice comments on recent posts!
please come come come if you're in/near silver lake on friday night!

+ ps. i forgot to post the flyer (click to enlarge):

Saturday, July 04, 2009

knock on wood

results of some of my graphic/mixed-media experiments on wood,
originally inspired by the kokeshi project.

it was quite a challenge getting used to acrylic paint & painting so small.

these will go with me to LA next week.

happy 4th of july!

only could watch the fireworks from my fire escape.
back to work now!! T__T
it sure was hard fighting all the fun temptation this weekend.

Friday, July 03, 2009

things other than painting

the cats like to come hang out with me and doze off while i paint.
they have been very content lately since i've been home all the time.

noodles (always sitting with the same paw positions):

bento, sleeping at my easel base :

the sky has been so amazing lately outside my window :

i feel lucky to have such a great view of the skyline out the window,
i never would have noticed how turbulently beautiful the sky has been otherwise,
being a hermit that i have been all of june.

these are via one day when the sky was insane :


i have a "profile" page in the new issue of juxtapoz
for my upcoming solo show at thinkspace gallery (info here).

and an interview by andrew michael ford on their website :

same interview also on daily du jour & andrew's site.

one more interview to come via sourharvest/thinkspace gallery blog soon!

a group shot of my oil-on-canvas pices before they left me :

more info on the show (opening next friday) here!