Monday, May 02, 2011


some random recent photos from my instagram :

Magnolias in full bloom
spring is here (finally) in full-force, some days even feeling like summer.

Souther's show at Jonathan Levine.
souther's show opening night.

Left over Ema art
Carvings in progress
left over ema art (which will eventually go to raise more $ for japan).

Chair hog.
chair hogging studiomate.

Sketching at the coffee house.
More sketching (in a new sketchbook)
a couple sketchbook pages from the other day.
{ some super overdue sketchbook pages to come soon! }

a few photos from our bike tour around staten island :

Pretty patterned pebble tiles at Chinese Scholar Garden, Snug Harbor, Staten Is.
beautiful pebbled/tiled flooring at the chinese scholar's garden, snug harbor.

Boat graveyard in Staten Island
Boat graveyard in Staten Island
rossvile boatyard (boat graveyard, to be accurate), near fresh kills, appropriately.