Friday, December 23, 2011

from Brooklyn

happy holidays!


Brush pen hair.
In the mood for drawing tonight... On scrap cardboard...
how i've been relaxing lately, now that i've wrapped up my year officially.
first, doodling & drawing...

Making plastic tiles to use around the gross edges of my nonworking fireplace.
And the said tiles finally installed around the fireplace.
then making some plastic tiles to put around the edge of my fireplace* opening.
(ahhh much better.)

* i've been asked if the plastic won't fume or burn, i must note that it's a
NON-WORKING fireplace - it WILL fume & burn if it worked.

Moonlight 3rd mvt. You're killing me.
also, occasionally (and masochistically) trying to get my own butt kicked on the piano.
listen to it the most ideal way possible here.
(which i do and feel worse sometimes)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

TODAY : Studio Sale Part 2

Last studio/small originals sale of the year. @ 2pm today!

shop will be updated today at 2pm EST with 12 new small originals/studies.

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
2pm EST (US)
(check your local time HERE)

this will be my last small originals sale in a while,
although there are larger paintings for sale at all times.

+ NOTE : the shop will be closed for update/maintenace
for 20 minutes prior to the sale, and reopen fully stocked at 2pm.

peek ahead :

Rounded corners.Drawing on cardboard.
One more drawing before calling it a night.
More drawings coming soon...

fresh air

Rearranged the studio.
i finally got around to cleaning out and rearranging the studio.
i tend to move around my studio configuration at least once a year,
but this time i really overhauled it - reorganizing all my art archives, supplies,
and recently restocked shipping supplies for the shop, as well as moving the furniture around.

Also classily winter-readied the studio windows with bubblewrap.
then we also winter-readied our cold wood-frame apartment by double bubble-wrapping
the windows. this really saves at least 10-15ºF of shivering cold air, at least.
prior to bubble-wrapping last winter, i couldn't bear to work in the studio.

drawing at my newly cleaned out desk.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Another Originals Sale

Last minute Holiday Sale : Small originals!
another small originals sale in the shop this saturday!

thanks to your gracious support and some surplus small originals
that couldn't quite fit in the shop last time around, there will be one more sale
of small drawings and paintings - around 7-8 new pieces...

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
2pm EST (US)
(check your local time HERE)

peeks :
One more drawing before calling it a night.
More drawings coming soon...
One of the drawings on cardboard in progress

+ FREE SHIPPING within US on all originals, small or large.

+ HOLIDAY ORDERS should be put in by Wednesday Dec. 14th to ensure timely arrival
for the holidays - International holiday orders should be by this Wed. Dec. 7th!