Thursday, November 24, 2011


studio sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Small originals sale @ 2pm EST tomorrow! >_<
(you can check your corresponding local time here)

Enter HAPPYHAPPY at checkout for Free Shipping offer
on orders of 4 or more prints/originals!


some peeks of what's in store (literally) for tomorrow :

Some pieces for the studio sale on Friday @
Left over Ema art
Another.Drawing is soothing.Drawing on midtone is so addictive.
Drawing drawing...
Drawing from October that didn't make the cut to the show.
Drawing in delirium (from last month)

i also have some more drawings that couldn't fit in my shop for now,
which i will put up for sale some time next week or weekend.
so please stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

East West Connect

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. 18" x 24".  Acrylic & Colored Pencils on Panel. ©2011.
If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. 18"x24". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood. ©2011.

above is my piece for the Arrested Motion-curated group show, East West Connect,
which opens this Friday, November 25th at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong.
there are 13 artists working in the US showing in this group show.

check out the great line up on their flyer here :


Opens Nov 25, 6-10pm
31 Eastern Street
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

here are some detailed views of the piece (since it's kind of large-ish) :

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 1. © 2011.

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 2. © 2011.

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 3. © 2011.

i'm so excited - this is my first piece to be shown in asia, and in Hong Kong, no less!!
HK being one of my old home towns and one of my favorite places in the world.
and i'm also really glad to see Arrested Motion grow and grow into one of the best art
blogs out there. thanks again, Tanley & Hung-hei!

please please go check it out this friday if you're in Hong Kong!
i wish i could be there just to see Akino Kondoh's work in person.
(and if you're not in HK, please stop by my web shop for the small originals sale!)

more info here at Above Second.
coverage here & here.

some progress shots :

Another beginning.
Working upside down... Trying to fight the tedium.
Finally done & framed! (for @arrestedmotion's Hong Kong show)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Studio Sale & Holiday Special!

studio sale!

i don't know where the time has gone but the holiday season is upon us already.
with that in mind, i will be having a Studio Originals Sale again of some small originals that
have been left around the studio throughout this year.

like last year, it will be on "Black Friday", and for sale will be about 10-12 of small original
drawings, studies, and paintings that have been left over from the year 2011.

although, this time, instead of etsy, it will be in my new shop site.

2pm eastern US time, Friday, November 25th, 2011

please look under the "SMALL ORIGINALS" section that will be on the right
menu on my shop page by friday.

feel free to let me know of any questions!


some shop notes :


FREE SHIPPING for all orders with 4 or more prints and/or originals!
please insert the code "HAPPYHAPPY"at checkout.
(offer is valid from NOW until MIDNIGHT on Nov 30th/Dec 1st)

ALSO, for both prints and originals, please make sure to place your order by
December 14th at the latest for a timely holiday shipping.
due to the post office's holiday bottlenecking tradition, orders received after
that date aren't guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Silly Oldies

while looking through some old shop files to reference for my new shop,
i found some diary doodles from 2004-05, which is around when i first
started drawing for fun aside from working as a freelance toy designer,
& also when i launched my first site,

these were short-lived, maybe only 4-5 months, and the diaries soon turned into
a daily food blog, which i later moved to my current food blog.

most of the diary drawings were small emoticon-like characters like above,
or about food like below :

and some about machinery mishaps with computer, printer,
and sewing machine... :

so weird & kind of fun to see old diaries.

i remember i had some weird character comics (momo, the peach girl &
moogie, her smartass kitty) and pdf print-outs you could color or make into
paper dolls. i guess i really was a toy designer back then!


{ Scan of the page courtesy of Audrey }

Our opening night of In the Wake of Dreams at Thinkspaces Gallery in October
(with Amy, Mari, Audrey and me) was featured in the POP LIFE section in the
December issue of Juxtapoz!

I love the photo of the cute lady covering up her face, mimicking my painting.
Thankfully my mug is only visible in one group shot.

Also, I forgot to post that I did a short interview called Back Talk on their online
site last month as well :

click here to read the interview (and see the images).

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Prints are ready! Shop will maybe reopen tonight!

finally SHOP has been re-designed, re-stocked, & re-launched with new prints!
most of them are open-edition at affordable prices,
and 3 limited editions from the last year's release with discounted prices!

click on the image below to go to the shop!