Friday, May 22, 2009

cleaned up

i cleaned up the studio today.
finally feels much more settled in & like home.

picked up this shelf from a thrift store which immediately help clear my desk space!

stack of gessoed, sketched canvases...

full view of my kokeshi doll - will post detailed views soon!

lately, it's been a struggle getting some work done.
new space, new neighborhood, beautiful weather beckoning me to bike around...
i've been feeling that my mind doesn't feel so fluid as of late,
but rather like a block of foam that floats but doesn't move or flow.
must squash the foam brain!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


kokeshi view 1
kokeshi view 2

a couple views of the kokeshi doll i painted for the upcoming kokeshi show
at the japan american national museum in los angeles, this july.

i do have more pictures to share, though i'd sent it off already...
not sure how much i am supposed to share as the show's not opening for a couple months.

it was a ton of fun to paint on a 3D surface,
i can't wait to have some extra time to sculpt some figure as well.