Monday, May 24, 2010


i'm all for efficiency in life, but i definitely am not an efficient artist.
i take all sorts of detours, because i never have a clear plan in mind.
sometimes things come naturally so the detour is very short (or none, if i'm super lucky).
but most times, especially when dealing with more abstract patterns,
as i've been drawn to do lately, it takes forever and ever.
(e.g, see the last image/animation here).

above is a 12"x12" diptych piece i'd sent off a couple weeks ago for this show
at London Miles Gallery, curated by Thinkspace Gallery.
even till the end, i wasn't sure what the position of each panel would be.
i ended up opting for the second image.

below are some other even further detours i'd taken.
it's my first time dealing with a diptych piece, which i chose to do,
because i'm not very comfortable with a square format.
these didn't really work out well for me, but i'd like to give it another try some time :

even with occasional frustration, i actually do enjoy detours.
i like not knowing exactly what my end product will look like.
for me, it's more about the journey of the piece rather than the end product
that i enjoy so much about painting, that i really try to ride the waves
as they come...
most of the time, i don't have the luxury of mulling over stages due to time constraints.
this year really turned out to be perfect for these long detours.

+ sorry about the belated opening of my shop! some prints are not quite ready yet
at my printer's... but hopefully it'll be running by early june!
and yes, there will be framed options. :)