Tuesday, July 15, 2008

yuko yamamoto

taking a break from paintings (other artist's and my own, currently)...
yuko yamamoto's paper plants.

i always have loved paper, especially when it's used in spatial form.
there's something so amazingly fascinating, for me,
about such an intrinsically 2-dimensional material transformed
into a 3-dimensional object, navigating spatial forms.

i love that her paper cutouts are still flat and 2-dimensional
in their nature, yet able to relate to its surrounding environment
and space and create whole new forms and shapes...

sometimes casting shadows, letting it on of its existence,
but sometimes lying flat and looking like a negative shape...
the 'white' shadow itself.

more below:

definitely another thing i love about sculptural works
are other elements they have on the environment they're set in...
like the shadows... the interaction with the space.
kind of like ruth asawa's sculptures. :)

(originally found via simply photo)

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  1. wow! These are sooo great! totally inspiring! :)

    lets go to one of the free outdoor movies sometime SOON!!! yes? :)


    >>> roxy <<<