Monday, August 03, 2009

painting on a wall

finished mural.

seen from across the street on opening night.
(photos courtesy of wesley wong/arrested motion)

one of the fun things about showing at thinkspace gallery is the installation
space they have at the front of the gallery.

of course, i didn't always think it was all fun.
this was my third time and i felt finally comfortable enough with the vast
expanse of the white walls and the tall ceilings this time around to have fun.

here are some shots i took of the progress after each day
(i had 2.5-3 days):

some more progress shots from andrew at thinkspace gallery :

that was a lot of fun, i hope i get to do another mural one day!

for those of you who far from LA and were wondering how the wood pieces were presented...
they were cradled in a beautiful frame like a shadow box:

i loved the way they turned out!


  1. Stella, the painting on the wall is absolutely fabulous. I think the green background definitely adds a different vibe to the overall piece.

    I'm so glad for the recent update too. I've missed looking at your works!

  2. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Do you ever get nervous that you won't be able to perform? When I say perform, I mean your drawings. You ever get woried that you'll just magically lose your artistic skills because you worried too much? (Not forever of course, but during the time you were called upon to work).

  3. que lindo quedo el mural!!!

  4. That top painting is so beautiful. You're so talented. Great job.