Sunday, March 03, 2013

2013 Show Schedule

Accordion sketchbook (handmade by @choybot!) for a sketchbook show next month - my most favorite thing to work on to date!!


Below is my current schedule for the year, including some past ones already.
I've consciously tried to cut down on the number of shows this year (to about 2)
but somehow I have more than that!

{ 2013 Upcoming Shows }

February :: Year of the Snake. GR2. Los Angeles, CA (* art available online)
March :: Scope NYC Art Fair with Thinkspace Gallery. Scope Pavillion. New York, NY
March :: Art Collector Starter Kit. CHG Circa. Culver City, CA
May :: Daydreamers. 2-person show. Compound Gallery. Portland, OR
May :: In the Process : sketchbook show. Hellion Gallery. Portland, OR
May :: LAX/PHL : Thinkspace curated group show, at Gallery 309. Philadelphia, PA
August :: Made for Moore. Oklahoma Charity Art Show. The Society. OKC, OK.
August :: Copro 20th Anniversary group show. Copro Gallery. Santa Monica, CA
September :: A Magical Land. group show. Leanna Lin's Wonderland. Los Angeles, CA.

+ Please contact respective galleries in advance for preview lists, info & purchase.

* above image from my instagram of a study. please check it to see more behind-the-scenes, otherwise
unblogged images! :)

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  1. Oh yay you will be showing in Portland! I will put these shows on my calendar. Looking forward to it!