Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In the Process : Sketchbook Show, May 2013

Sketchbook spread 1. Sketchbook spread 2. Sketchbook spread 3.
Sketchbook spreads 1, 2, & 3. 10"x7". Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper. © 2013.

first, apologies (if anyone is out there reading) for this much much belated post/update for this year's shows - i'm months late on this.

these above pieces were my contribution to my friend Monica Choy's show she curated at Hellion Gallery in Portland, OR - In the Process,  a group show of artists' sketchbook pages!
i had a lot on my plate at the time, but i couldn't pass up a sketchbook show - my favorite kind of art!
she even sent out this amazing hand-made accordion sketchbooks for artists to fill them with, but alas, my first attempt at this (6-page spread finished sketchbook) was lost in the mail. :(

it looked something like this : Finally used some of my carved stamps on @choybot 's handmade sketchbook - thanks Monica!
cover - with my stamp prints. Accordion sketchbook (handmade by @choybot!) for a sketchbook show next month - my most favorite thing to work on to date!!
one view of the accordion.

anyway, i mourned the loss a bit but quickly re-made the above version with my own paper (which wasn't as good as the original nor was it bound into a nice sketchbook) at the last minute, after wrapping up this show in the same town (across the street, actually). but oh man, did i thoroughly enjoy this show - and the opening too!!!

hopefully the lost one, somewhere out there in this universe, landed in some nice appreciating person's hand, or will come back to me one day. or it's probably been decomposed into worm meal already. -_-
either way, it's the journey that counts, right?

some coverage of the show here :

HiFructose coverage of In the Process
you can view more opening night photos on the actual Hi Fructose website page - HERE!

+ edit : some images from the show my husband took below :

 with sweet monica, the curator extraordinaire who put together the show (i've known her since 07!)

the wall with my works & amazing accordion fold out by Souther Salazar (how i intended mine to be displayed too before it got lost in the mail  T__T) below my framed pieces. 

we were having too much fun at this show to have taken any more photos! yikes.
there are more photos in the hifructose link above, though.

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