Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Equinox : Process Animation

Equinox : process gif

a process animation finally got around to making for this 12x12 piece
for the Next Generation group show opening in London this friday!

The Next Generation (curated by Thinkspace Gallery)
Opening June 11th, 2010
London Miles Gallery
242 Acklam Road
W10 5JJ. London. U.K.


painting a diptych was an interesting process for me.
and it occurred to me midway to reverse the face image, though i painted it
the "right" way the whole time through.
i guess whoever ends up with the piece can switch it back and forth!
like lego of paintings.

i went through some experimentation & detours of different formats of diptychs,
until i just went with the result above.
next time i'll definitely try some asymmetrical diptych/triptych for sure!


and now this is what i've been doing lately between paintings :

sketchbook ménage-à-trois & drawathon.
except it's more like painting between these sketch sessions.
boy do i know how to party!


  1. The animation is almost hypnotic, I can't stop watching it! It's always great to see the process of a painting. Your sketchbook work looks lovely too!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your work this weekend. V excited

  3. thank you - i love making them so hopefully i'll be able to do this with most of my paintings.

    @miss b oh you must mean the group show at london miles? hoping to see some photos of it - too bad i can't make it there. next year!!