Thursday, June 10, 2010

tools of the trade

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i've been often asked about what i use in my sketchbooks,
so here is the full shot of samplings of tools i like to use.

and the rundown :

[ L to R ]
- muji black ballpoint pen.
- janky drugstore pilot ballpoints (red & black shown)
- staedtler pencil (4B shown)
- muji marker pens (pink, red, aqua shown)
- pentel brush pen; caran d'achesoft charcoal pencil
- caran d'ache water soluble crayons (green, yellow, red shown)
- faber castell water soluble colored pencils (turquoise & red shown)
- zig opaque paint pens (grey, red, yellow, blue shown)
- uni posca paint markers (light blue, light green, grey, white shown).

- plus a jar of black ink above and some soft pastels occasionally.


i originally started with just a ballpoint pen and the brush pen (the grey one with blue top),
then all that's left of the brush pen, which are what you see in the sketchbook series so far.
now the tools have expanded to this with some colors in forms of crayons, paint pens, markers,
and will show in some of the new pages i'll be posting later.
oh the possibilities!!

+ oh, the sketchbooks are mostly leuchtturm1917 plain (the ones linked right above),
along with some moleskine (working on it now) & a new landscape format "hand book" to come.

+ i have found out that i like leuchtturm ones most after trying
some other ones. its pages are a little on the thinner side,
yet the texture somehow makes it take mediums really well - no pilling, tearing,
falling apart at seams...

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