Tuesday, November 23, 2010


old drawings
above is the pile i made of old studies and drawings that never made it to the shows from the past 2-3 years,
after cleaning and re-setting the studio last week.

i've also been working hard on re-formatting my currently sad and janky ass shop**!

new(ish) shop!

i'm aiming for november 29th, the monday after thanksgiving to update.
[ --> edit: people have spoken - it will be updated on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 26th, right after thanksgiving! ]

at least for now, there won't be any new prints available,
just the current ones you see on line right now,
but there will be a new print available next week via a gallery,
and i'm thinking of making some open edition prints as well.
(suggestions welcome!)

the aforementioned old studies and drawings of ink & graphite on tea-stained paper (all originals)
will be put on my etsy shop for sale.

please check my twitter/facebook or back on this blog for update!

** the current jankiness, i apologize, is mostly due to paypal deciding to put my account on
hold and not believing that it was actually me who suddenly got funds funneled into it.
all the proof and talk obviously didn't convince them, so it'll be credit cards and
google checkout accounts only for now.


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Your work has really taken on a new life. I love it. Well, I love the older work too.

  2. gah! i love that top photo!
    is it from the instagram app?
    would love to follow you if so. :)

  3. Shauna7:07 AM

    Dibs on the large drawing in the lower right-hand corner!